An accurate and scalable way for universities to know their prospective students better and quicker through data and automation.

At Zilter, we understand the current admissions process is cumbersome and time-consuming, whereas Gen Z students expect swift responses. What we also understand, is that the current scenario is adding to the complexity of this task.

Whether it is the upcoming Post Qualification Admissions (PQA) Reform that reduces the time window for universities to make this decision, the pressure of success rates from the Office for Students (OfS), Brexit, COVID, the list can go on – but the need of the hour is for universities to innovate and automate. AI can save universities millions spent in scouting and recruiting students.

How can we be so sure?

Abhishek Nakhate, our founder, has spent over 14 years in student recruitment and in admissions in different roles, creating a number of innovative products and services in this domain. While he was the Associate Director of International Relations at a German University, he was intrigued that universities still take weeks and months to respond to an application in this day and age. He was also baffled that a significant percentage of students dropped-out of universities globally and brokers still play such a crucial role. He researched and spoke to over 60 university admission teams to understand the nuances of the problem with a determination to solve it.

To address any concerns you may have about data and security, let us tell you we strictly adhere to the GDPR rules. We are also approved and listed in the government digital marketplace. To further reassure you of complete data protection, we are also IASME Governance Standard certified. We also follow the strict guidelines for unbiased and ethical AI usage.

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