Process the applications in minutes not weeks

As per UCAS, normally universities take 15 weeks to process applications! Which could be achieved in 20 minutes.

No more screening for eligibility

A task that would otherwise take endless hours, can now be done in minutes with the power of automation and intelligence of AI.

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Not just qualified, its best-fit

Universities can set their customisable entry requirements and find potential students that truly match their expectations.

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Automated interviews

Student interviews done, without the dependency on availability and internet connectivity.

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Offer in minutes

Once you use Zilter, you’ll be able to ship an offer in minutes and possibly secure an acceptance in no time too.

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Predictable success, you can count on

Zilter’s AI can help you understand the applicants better, through the power of data.

Reduce dropouts

Research states, a high proportion of students drop out in the first 2 years. Zilter can change that with its predictability feature.

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Increase revenue

Picture this, a world where the admissions team had the right resources, assistance and time to recruit the best-fit students.

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Better visa success, lesser compliance

Universities would face less hiccups if they made an offer to students with a better visa success prediction.

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Better support, better

With the right tools and assistance, admission teams can achieve a higher success rate even during testing times.

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Quality international students are now more accessible

Don't wait for students to apply to your university, you can now cherry-pick the screened and validated students fit-for your programmes from our database.

Choose to pay no

We’re cutting through the competitive and costly business of recruitment agents with our cutting-edge technology.

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Achieve full capacity

Meeting your targets with the best possible students for your programme is now possible with Zilter’s AI-powered system.

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Increase the success and conversion rate

Zilter uses multiple data points to predict the success rates of potential students, thereby reducing potential risks to quite an extent.

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Beat the competition

Be the leader in innovation with Zilter at your side. According to HESA, the student applications are expected to increase by 50% by 2030, this could mean increased competition for a better student pool

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