Assess eligible, pre-screened students globally

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identify student applications based on a number of criteria in seconds. These could range from academics, language proficiency, sports, past experience, soft skills and many more such data points of a student. At Zilter, we represent this by a single holistic score called the ‘Z Score’. Learn how we can save universities millions in time and money today.

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create and automate a personalised, course-specific set of interview questions

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predict the conversion and success rate of every student through data

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Assess eligible, pre-screened students globally

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Is it fair to assess a student’s quality basis recent grades?
May 17, 2020

Students globally are concerned about where will this year’s grades land them in their career? In this COVID crisis, exams in many countries ...

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Adapt or die — How HE is adapting to COVID? (International students context)
April 23, 2020

Survival of the fittest applies to all, it’s been proven right again in the unforeseen COVID situation.

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Changing the face of International student recruitment: Technology
January 29, 2018

We all have witnessed how UBER has transformed taxi industry or TripAdvisor/Trivago/Airbnb

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